Hi loves! Long time no chat! It’s been awhile since I’ve written. I’ve spent the last year or so solely focusing on my healing and setting healthy boundaries. I can tell you that I have been so happy. I wish I had been able to go through this process so much so but honestly it all just lined up perfectly. I had the time and resources to go through the process (still going through it) and it has changed me in the best way possibly. Maybe I’ll share some things I have learned. But for now, I want to share my life mottos with you. 

These mottos have helped me when I feel stuck, anxious, or just overall unhappy. 

  1. Do what makes you happy! 

I mean, if it isn’t obvious, this one has been my go to for awhile now. I spent so much time sacrificing my happiness for others, in a very toxic way. I was never able to focus on what made me happy or feel like I was even allowed to. I was so focused on making those around me happy that I was hurting myself. I wasn’t listening to what I needed and have since had to heal from those situations/relationships. I had to set up healthy boundaries and learn that my needs where valid and that I was worthy of feeling happy. So often we get caught up in jobs, relationships, activities, etc. that aren’t doing anything but bringing stress and agony into our lives. We have been raised in a society that has focused on accomplishing certain tasks and checking of lists that we feel like it’s not okay to do what WE want to do. Whats the point of that? Life is only so long so why spend time being unhappy? 

  1. You are never stuck.

With that being said, you are never stuck. You will always have choices to make. Whether it be a relationship, a job, education, or even just your mindset/perspective, you are never stuck. You can always change something. So if you are unhappy, stressed, or overall just not having a good time, what can you do to change that? What can you do to better improve your day to day life?

  1. Just go for it.

Aka “Just send it”. (Yes, it’s a very Gen Z phrase but I honestly really appreciate it, haha.) Why are you allowing your anxieties and fears to keep you from doing something that could change you? Why are you holding back from doing something that your heart yearns to experience? Why are you not just going for it? You just might have to go for it! Full steam ahead… just send it!

  1. You is kind, you is smart, you is important. 

Basically the greatest movie quote of all time imo. It is what it says. You are those things. YOU ARE! Whether you believe it right now or not, you are. What can you do to show more kindness to yourself and others? What makes you feel smart and important? These attributes are ones that I consider to be some of the most substantial in my life.

You’ll figure it out. Whatever aspect of life is stressing you out, whatever is making you worried, you will figure it out. You aren’t weak. You are anything BUT weak. So let go, trust your strength and do what you need to do. 

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