Let me share a story with you.

At the dinner table on a beautiful warm evening, a family of three gathered around the table. Mom, Dad, and sweet three year old boy named Lincoln. As the family gathered, they began to pass the food around the table.

Lincoln: “Momma, will you pass me the water”

Mom: “Of course honey, just be careful not to spill it”

As mom passed the water to Lincoln, he didn’t grasp the pitcher as tightly as he should have. In reward, the water pitcher dropped and spilled all over Lincoln and his plate.

Lincoln: “It’s okay momma, I’m still learning

At this point, I’m sure mom could have gotten upset, especially after telling Lincoln to be careful not to spill it, and he did. Now she had a mess to clean up and a boy with a soggy meal she worked hard on preparing. But with that response, how could she be?


Aren’t we all? What an example such an innocent soul has to show us. We tend to get so caught up in life. Worrying about those judging us, our mistakes we feel like with will never overcome, or the question of why we aren’t perfect yet. We sometimes get frustrated with ourselves. We get upset. We question who we are and why whats happening to us is. This life was given to us to learn. About ourselves, our community, our talents, our skills, our weaknesses… all of it. We will never stop the process of learning, it is on going. So why get so frustrated?

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